VonSchrader Products

Low Moisture Soil Extraction

In the LMX, we did what no one else could: design the ultimate low moisture soil extraction system. It's not only quieter, more rugged and faster, but more mobile and maneuverable. We claim the LMX to be the most technologically advanced system ever built for super fast cleaning, super fast drying and super deep-cleaning of carpet. We think you'll agree. The LMX system applies low moisture cleaning solution with an exclusive full bristle brush, gently loosening soil. The emulsified soil is immediately extracted with a built-in vacuum; all in one forward pass, by one person. Not only are carpets deep-cleaned faster, they dry faster than with any system. Another plus! Low moisture means no risk of carpet damage, shrinkage or mildewing caused by over-wetting. The LMX: Continuing the evolution of a carpet cleaning phenomenon that has yet to be equaled.

High Speed Extraction

Take over the controls of the Mach-12, push the buttons ... and WOW! Go from zero to 12,000 square feet (1,100 square meters) per hour! The Mach-12 literally breaks the speed and performance barrier - leaving all the other carpet cleaning machines "in the dirt!" Most of the other "high speed" extraction systems advertise maximum cleaning rates of 4,000 to 6,000 square feet per hour. The Mach-12 finishes first. Now, you'll be able to extraction clean medium to large carpeted areas four to eight times faster than with conventional equipment. This unique high-speed extraction system applies a low moisture cleaning agent all the way through the carpet down to the base, using its 24" wide aggressive full bristle brush. This loosens oily, clinging soil from the most tightly tufted or woven carpet. Twin, turbine vacuum fans provide powerful, immediate, deep-down extraction of suspended soil particles, which are deposited immediately into the recovery tanks - all in one forward pass!

Automated Soil Extraction

The most advanced carpet cleaning concept ever created! The result of a decade of robotic research, engineering and testing, its on-board, solid-state, pre-programmed computers and fully automatic navigation systems push back the frontiers of space navigation. Utilizing the fast drying, deep cleaning technology of the low moisture soil extraction process, DOLPHIN more than doubles, and at times triples, the productivity of its "Commander/Operator." Plus, the system cleans carpets with a thoroughness and consistency that's been unachievable until now. Without the aid of wall or ceiling reflectors, bar codes, satellites or pre-programmed maps, DOLPHIN automatically moves into the area to be cleaned, precisely computes the best way to do the job, and executes. Then, it's ready and waiting for the next job you, the "Commander," have for it.